Weeping Out the Old Dreams

Well, Beloveds, I have a new favourite poet and I would like to tell you about him. And by “new”, I mean new to me, since I discovered that he has been writing for a few years now. His first book was published in 2006. Truthfully, this was a marker year in my life and really began the tsunami of my awakening process, so I am not surprised his book did not come into my orbit back then. And of course, what I believe wholeheartedly, because my experience has shown it over and over, is that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I was absolutely not ready for Jeff fifteen years ago. Obviously, I was not ready till a few months ago, which is in itself an interesting point for future exploration in order to answer the ever-loaded question: “WHY/WHY NOT?”. But I am so ready now, again, obviously, and have decided, just in case someone out there in WordPress land might not have found Jeff’s work yet, and may be ready to awaken with him through me, to share this news with my Beloveds.

I cannot quite remember how or exactly when I stumbled upon Jeff Foster’s work, since I spend fruitful and wasteful hours plunging down rabbit holes in the boisterous pursuit of my particular white rabbit, which happens to be pure and simple Awareness. You see, as that now classic Aerosmith rock song goes: “I don’t want to miss a thing”.

Since removing myself to this magical place I now live in, I have the luxury of an office, located in the upper storey of a magnificently restored two-hundred-thirty year-old home, a beautiful natural environment with tides, marshes and rivers, apple orchards and stone walls, ocean breezes, magnificent sunsets, and almost perfect peace. I cannot claim total quiet since I am on a winding coastal highway where the speed limit is slow, but the travelers are often behaving like they’re on a thruway, or even participating in the Indy 500. Zoom! Zoom! And currently we are in the midst of a major kitchen “reno-storation”, which is Cath-speak for a combined renovation and restoration, so there is some construction noise, which is what my new Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones are for. But I digress.

In my office, on my laptop, one day in early Spring, I plunged after “Whitey, The Rabbit of Awakening”, and there I found myself face to face with You Were Never Broken: Poems to Save Your Life, Jeff Foster’s latest 2020 collection of poetry. I am sure it was connected to my still wonderful spiritual teacher G.P. Walsh, who is always teaching that we don’t have to be healed, improved, or awakened because at our very core of what we really are, we are already Whole and Perfect and “Woke”. G.P. teaches, we just have to find ways to REMEMBER who/ what we are and to find our way back to connecting to that! (In one of his short and simple books, Angel in the Basement, GP explains this revelation.)

So, I found him! His name is Jeff Foster and he is English and young enough to be my son. Not that ageism has anything to do with excellence, especially when we are speaking of a spiritual teacher, which he has definitely become for me in the few short weeks of my exploration of his gifts. I point this age difference out not to make the point that wisdom has no timeline, but rather to state the important awareness that when it comes to matters of Spirit and the soul, there are no boundaries whatsoever. Period. So whether it has taken me nearly sixty-nine years or sixty-nine seconds to find the teachings of Jeff Foster, it is exactly what is in my greatest and highest good right now, in this space and place on the planet.

Speaking of which…

Jeff Foster must be a genius, at least in my mind, because he studied astrophysics at Cambridge! Seriously, people—ASTRO physics! That is astronomy on steroids! An astrophysicist studies the physical and chemical nature of celestial bodies like the Sun, the Moon, planets, the other stars, the galaxies, the multi-verse, infinity and beyond! The Energy of the Universe is astrophysics. In other words, it’s Everything! It’s cosmology as well and the realm of Carl Sagan, Neil de Grasse Tyson, Margherita Hack, and even Galileo, Copernicus, Hubble, Newton, Ptolemy, Buzz Lightyear, and so many more! Are you not impressed with the company of scholars Jeff Foster chose to muddle himself in?

Jeff has a Face Book page which is of no use to me since I am not a Face Book fan or junkie…not even for a new spiritual teacher…and I will explain why in an up-coming blog post which I wrote in January of 2018 when I began my Face Book disconnect. However, I have peeked at Jeff’s page and I like it. More importantly, he has a website http://www.lifewithoutacentre.com, which I encourage you to check out. For those of you who, like me, have been “away with the fairies” when it comes to Jeff, an expression my Nana would say when I was daydreaming or otherwise not paying attention, and have not yet heard of this prolific teacher, then NOW is the time!

And, if you have been aware of Jeff Foster for years, as in one of his 41.6K subscribers on You Tube, or missed him like I did on “Buddha At The Gas Pump” ten years ago which I had been subscribed to for years, or if you have only been aware of his presence for a few days now, remember, it is all happening in this moment, so everything I share about his work, though new enough to me, is something we all have already “known” but needed to hear for some reason right now, or else we would not be receiving the information at this particular moment in time.

Interesting, right? Breathe. Breath of Life. Spirit, Inspire, inspiration!

Coincidence? I think not!

Jeff also posts on You Tube and just began to post again after quite a long hiatus, which he explains here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyTd6zZRVqM

I do appreciate his honesty.

And as if that weren’t enough, he is featured at a 7-day spiritual retreat in Belgium in the Fall, called “The Healing Power of the Present Moment” which is soooo tempting to me to attend in the physical, if I were not going to be in the thick of the kitchen cabinet install stage of my reno-storation. Maybe next time! I can access it through the etheric field anyway, which will be more or less free, less troublesome to travel, given the monstrous situation with airports right now, and thus way more peaceful.

All of this being said, I am looking forward to deepening my meditation practice by reading Jeff Foster for inspiration and a total reminder that it’s all OKAY!

Love yourself, the one you are always with!

Which brings me directly to the title of this blog: “Weeping Out The Old Dreams”. When I read this line “You only have to…weep out the old dreams” in the poem entitled “Victory!” from You Were Never Broken, I actually shed three tears of joy, because it describes perfectly what it is I have been feeling and doing for the last decade, as my marriage fell apart and my life seemed to be spinning out of control in the agony of uncertainty which I was so compelled by my conditioning to allow. The poem is actually about the joy that comes from all the heartache, the depression, the grief, and especially the fear of not being “enough” even for yourself, let alone being and doing for anybody else. It is the rainbow that is always there requiring just the right combination of storm and sun to reveal itself, just as there is always joy in your soul. It is our innate nature to be “happy”, in joy, at peace, and like a rainbow, it takes the storms of life to bring it all out into the light.

It was exactly the “permission” I needed, to finally LET GO! No “buts”, no “what ifs?”, no “maybe there’s a better way”! Just breathing.

Do yourself a favour and connect with Jeff Foster. Especially if you have a few dreams of your own to weep out.

Bye Just Now!

I love you!


LTOY Wisdom.

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