What Is Love Toy Wisdom?

Today I am launching the first blog description of Love TOY Wisdom, which is the nickname for my new program “Love the One You’re With”.  In a nutshell, I am describing it as soul masturbation, which means loving yourself (The One you are always with!) as you have never been loved before!  It means, in the words of Matt Kahn, a teacher I have just recently been following, whose teachings are known as “True Divine Nature”, to send “I Love You’s” to your own heart, both as a daily practice and whenever you judge anything or anyone.

The premise for all of this is the understanding that somewhere, back in our childhoods, we experienced judgments and conditions from our caregivers, also known as The Tribe, with the intention of keeping us safe according to their own beliefs and conditioning, that deeply conflicted with our true divine innocence which, coming directly from Source Energy, had an innate knowing awareness of its Self as a soul.  But soon, the mind develops, and we “forget” that divine nature and that we are a soul.  Sometimes we experience teachings from our tribe’s religions that tell us that we have a soul but it seems to be separate from the identity we are taught to assume.

“Love The One You’re With” is first of all a reawakening to the fact that we are the energy of Unconditional Love…that it is our highest vibration and that in living this life we have only masked that vibration in dense layers of beliefs, thoughts, and especially judgments, a.k.a.  “THE EGO”.

We “forgot” or “lost” this essence in order to be safe in the world we were born into and we struggle to maintain it, suffering when our desires…our creative force to achieve what we already KNOW is our destiny, conflicts with that world: the rules, the expectations, the beliefs, the judgments, which keep us safe, but also which keep us from experiencing true freedom to be who we are meant to be.

We become caught up into a cycle of stress, where the more we try to get our needs met, the more we bump up against the rules and judgments and expectations of others., which in turn, causes more of the stress.  It sinks into our minds and then our bodies and for some of us, we suffer dis-eases, which we then try to “cure” with more “stuff”, masking the symptoms and ignoring the source.  But that’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe, and we so want to conform, don’t we?

Some of us try so hard to “fit in” to gain that love from others in our world that we start to believe that there is something wrong with us when we don’t.  Then we get these feelings of unworthiness. We get into patterns where it is hard for us to receive anything because we don’t feel that we deserve it.  In this process we put up so many walls…barriers to receiving the love, the approval, the attention, the affection, and all else in the abundance that we desire.

Or, some of us take the opposite stance and fight against conformity.  These are the rebellious ones, the “I’ll show you” folks.  I don’t need your love and approval. I don’t need love and approval from anyone!  And so we isolate ourselves from feeling and being who we really are.  What we resist, persists!

So, what’s the solution?  It’s nothing new at all.  I have just packaged it up in a simple way with a few catchy aspects.  But before I say any more you need to know this:  Love TOY Wisdom works whether you believe it or not.  Even if you are the most skeptical person on the planet…and I think I know you personally!… this process works.  It works for anyone, any age, any anything, because it is so basic to our nature, like breathing.  It’s just that 99.99999% of the people have forgotten to do it…conditioned out of their hearts and into their minds by millennia of tribal teachings!

Love Toy Wisdom is primal.  And once you put the process into practice, no matter how curmudgeonly you be, you will start to see the shifts in your life.  I promise!  Your life will become orgasmic!  You will start to masturbate your soul in the most innocent way, and you will become the you that you have always been , whether you have kept your true self hidden from the world or you put your ego self out there confronting it on every turn.

Love TOY Wisdom is the awareness that when we start to love ourselves as we desire to be loved, no matter what…unconditionally in every moment…then we remove the worldly mask and become our true, angelic, highest vibrational selves.  AND THE GOOD NEWS IS:

It’s the only tool you’ll ever need!  In fact, I am calling it a toy, not a tool, because Life is meant to be fun, and playful, and even orgasmic! (wherein lies the masturbation part)

To treat yourself with all the love in your own heart, which actually taps into all the infinite love of the universe, is playing at the highest level with all of the other angelic beings and masters who exist in this holographic universe.  Which are all pieces of You and therefore, you are playing with yourself!

AND here’s the Best Part:  Even if you are in the darkest place of judgment, unworthiness, fear, anger, doubt, or hatred, YOU CAN’T MESS THIS UP!  It works without you…well without that Ego You which is the only part of you that can experience those frozzy emotions, beautiful and much needed aspect of you that it is… having any control over it whatsoever!  You can’t fail even if you want to! No more self-sabotage.  It cannot exist in the energy which you will create with this practice. All you have to do is send “I Love You’s”  to your own heart.

The “HOW?” and more “WHY?” will follow, so please  stay tuned.

No one is going to love you


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