Love TOY Wisdom: Origins

From 11.11.11 through 12.12.12, to the current time and space, Heart Healing has become a very popular source of information. I fondly view it as the map of my own return to wholeness which I followed faithfully to my next destination… LTOYW.

It is in my awareness, that as we have moved fully into the Aquarian Age, with all of the energies that have been coming onto this beautiful planet throughout the 2012 cycle and now firmly into the period that will take us to the middle of the span of time running from the beginning of the millennium (2000) to the year 2020, we human beings are experiencing an accelerated awakening of consciousness as never before occurring in our history. Homo sapiens are reaching a new level of evolution in waves of connected waking-up as we, collectively, and as individuals, one soul at a time, are coming to know an expanded identity.

We are moving into a deepening sense of Spirit which is propelling some of us into a Fifth Dimensional frequency and beyond, where eventually all of creation will exist. Every energetic being will move into those vibrations at some point in the Divine Cosmic Plan.  The First Wave of Ascension, as this new way of living and being is referred to by some, is already well under way.  If you are here reading this message, then you are already on that path, taking that journey.

Congratulations! It is a journey of the heart, as the seat of the soul, and it promises to be an exciting ride!  Healing your beautiful heart, where “to heal” simply means to “remember wholeness”, is my purpose in this awakening process. Since 2008 when I was guided to create Heart Healer Treatment of Oneness™, I have adjusted the process to allow for new guidance and new teachings that I have acquired and it is my dharma, my divine purpose, to be one who brings the message to the hearts who are drawn to my spirit. I have a very simple practice to teach to you to prepare you for the process of Awakening. It is not much more complicated than living from the heart, which is where we start our human journey as a newborn baby, and where we all end in whatever form we take at the time of our physical death here. I call it Love The One You’re With… LTOYW.  (It already has an alias: Love TOY Wisdom.)

It is a spiritual and practical expansion of Heart Healing the Treatment of Oneness™ courses I was guided to create in 2010, as a wisdom by-pass to the former teachings. Love The One You’re With is definitely an inspired practice for creating the highest vibrations of peace, freedom, joy, beauty, compassion, and equanimity in the lives of all who follow it. It does not require that you dis-connect from your life of job, family, friends, church, pastimes, or any other worldly pursuits. In fact, as you will learn from following these simple processes, I will be sharing here with you, it is precisely those aspects of daily life that enable you to grow yourself into these higher frequencies of 5-D awareness, and beyond!

There is a very powerful draw to the truth, which I know that you can feel in what I am telling you here. It is not an accident that you came to this page.

So, placing your hand on your beautiful heart,

Feeling its beat, is where we will start.

This is just the beginning… there is no end…

You will find peace, joy, and freedom

In your own best friend;

Which if you don’t know now

Soon you will come to see

That your one true love is You,

And mine of course, is Me!

LTOYW    I Love You!

Love heart

Love The One You’re With



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